Product Specials

Features & applications


  • While stocks last


  • These combos have power tools, inserts, accessories and consumables
  • For a variety of applications

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
r20171124-Combo-1 1x Rotary Hammer TE 1 and 1x TE-C drill 8mm diameter by 16mm length 1 NGN 78,600.00
r20171124-Combo-2 1x Cordless Screw Fastener Tool SF 2-A and 1x battery and 1x charger 1 NGN 99,900.00
r20171124-Combo-3 1x Breaker TE 800 and 1x Chisel TE SP 1 NGN 422,900.00
r20171124-Combo-4 10x Injectable mortar HIT-RE 500 and 1x Cartridge holder HIT-CB 500ml 1 NGN 196,000.00
r20171124-Combo-5 1x Angle grinder AG 230 20-D and 25x Cutting Discs AC-D 230mm 1 NGN 88,877.00
r20171124-Combo-6 1x Angle Grinder AG 115 and 25x Cutting Discs AC-D 115mm 1 NGN 45,592.00

Technical data

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