Cutting Discs UP Line AC-D

Features & applications


  • Universal Performance (UP) disc with a more flexible bond for lasting high performance and value
  • Low-burring, heat-reducing disc, ideal for cutting stainless steel
  • Contaminate-free, for use on regular or stainless steel
  • High-performance cutting disc for long lifetime and high productivity
  • OSA Certified product complying with the highest safety standards


  • Cutting steel and stainless steel pipes, rods, profiles and metal sheets

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
361875 Cutting disc AC-D 115mm diameter 2.5mm thickness 22mm arbor 25 NGN 13,766.00
2102549 Cutting disc AC-D 230mm diameter 2.5mm thickness 22mm arbor UP 25 NGN 27,756.00
361876 Cutting disc AC-D 125mm diameter 2.5mm thickness 22mm arbor 25 NGN 14,165.00

Technical data

  • Blade diameter 115 mm
  • Disc diameter 115 mm
  • Blade thickness 1 mm