Breaker TE 800-AVR

Features & applications


  • Powerful breaking performance thanks to exceptional impact energy and innovative Hilti chisels
  • D-handle design for perfect balance in wall applications and good handling in universal use
  • Power reduction button for use on lighter materials and for greater precision in controlled breaking jobs
  • Highly robust and efficient 1850 watt HPD motor (high-performance drive) with triple-chamber lubrication system for longer service intervals and tool lifetime
  • 20 years manufacturers warranty, 2 years no cost period, 1 month warranty on charged repairs


  • Demolition work on walls
  • Corrective work on floor slabs
  • Breaking out openings for doors and windows
  • Making penetrations for ducts and pipes

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
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Technical data

  • Reduced impact energy Yes
  • Active Vibration Reduction No
  • Dust removal module TE DRS-B (optional)