Adapter TE-Y-AD SDS Max

Features & applications


  • Solid and reliable adapter
  • Extension for SDS Max (TE-Y) hammer drill bits - 2 components required (TE-FY extension plus TE-Y-AD adapter)


  • Drilling through-holes with an extended hammer drill bit
  • Drilling extra deep holes in diameter 32 mm and larger
  • Working at a great distance from the working surface (e.g. on ceilings)

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
382390 Adapter TE-Y-AD SDS Max 1 -

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Technical data

  • Type: Extension
  • Connection end: TE-Y (SDS-max)
  • Working mode: Hammer drilling
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Length: 290 mm
  • Working length: 290 mm
  • Product class: Ultimate